VMAs 2016: Kanye West on MTV shows Donald Trump how to be presidential

Kanye West delivered a seven-minute smack down of white privilege and a peace offering to Taylor Swift while on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden. Photo: CHRIS PIZZELLOWhat a difference a year makes huh.
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At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Kanye West suggested he would consider running for the top job in the White House in 2020.

The rapper used his speech, while accepting the Video Vanguard award, to declare his political aspirations, despite also saying: “I’m not no politician, bro.”

Cut to this year’s awards and the self-described “artist-merchant” is already sounding more presidential than the Republican nominee for the 2016 election – Donald Trump.

West, the Paul Keating of his era thanks to his predilection for oration, took the stage at this year’s show to introduce his new music video for Fade and was granted four minutes of uninterrupted coverage by MTV.

The result was a seven-minute smack down of white privilege and a peace offering to Taylor Swift.

“You know, like people come up to me, like man, that’s right take Taylor down – bro, I love all of y’all. That’s why I called her. So I was speaking at the Art Institute last year and one kid came up to me and said, ‘three of my friends died and I don’t know whether I’m going to be the next’ … If you’re seeing people die next to you, life might start to feel worthless in a way,” he said.

He then, once again, compared himself to the greatest innovators and disruptors of all time.

“I sit down and talk to older, rich people, aka ‘white’, you know, and they tell me: ‘Don’t compare yourself to Steve Jobs, don’t compare yourself to Walt Disney’.

“My friend told me: ‘There are three keys to keeping people impoverished: taking away their esteem, taking away their resources, and taking away their role models’. My role models are artist-merchants. Less than 10 I can name in history. Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West.”

West then rattled off his potential list of advisors, including, his wife Kim Kardashian West, a rapper by the name of 2 Chainz and his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

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Burning issue for clearing the land

While the ground may be wet after recent rain, Bathurst Regional Councilhas issued a reminder to residents planning to conduct an open burn ontheir property, to check if they need approval from council to do so.
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Open burning or pile burning is often used by landholders as a convenientway of managing agricultural issues such as stubble, pruning and weedinfestations. It is also used by large and small holdings to manage largepiles of dead and dry vegetation.

If your property is under 10 hectares in size and within the city limits orwithin one of the villages or rural residential areas, you need to seek anOpen Burn Approval from council. There is no fee for this application.

Larger properties over 10 hectares in size do not require an open burnapproval from council. The only requirements are notification of neighboursand the RFS at this time of year.

These approvals only apply outside of the fire danger season and eventhough you have an approval from council you still need to notify the RuralFire Service and your neighbours of your plan to burn.

The requirement foran open burn approval extends until October 1when the fire dangerseason starts.

Mayor Gary Rush said seeking the correct approvals wasimportant for the protection of the city and its people.

“The potential bushfire risk associated with inappropriate burns in ourregion is well known, and the NSW RFS must always be contacted prior tocommencing any burn,” Cr Rush said.

“A less obvious risk with open burns arises from smoke emissions and thepotential resulting health impacts for vulnerable residents who suffer fromasthma and other respiratory illnesses.

“There are some situations where council may consider allowing open burningwithin the city or village and these situations will be dealt with on acase by case basis to ensure residents are not adversely affected.”

How to applyFor further information, phoneBathurst Regional Council on 6333 6511 or BathurstFire Control Centre (RFS) on 6333 1333This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Concern over emergency service levy

Following an announcement they will be implementing a property based emergency services levy to be paid alongside council rates, the NSW Government are now pushing Councils to prepare for its introduction despite no legislation being passed on the reform.
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Cowra Council is concerned that the NSW Government is forging ahead with the replacement of the existing Emergency Services Levy on insurance policies with this new levy to be collected by local government on behalf of the State.

Cowra mayor Bill West said they were concerned this would happendespite no meaningful consultation with local government on the matter.

The NSW Government has said the new levy will be based on unimproved land values and different property-levy rates will be applied to different categories of land.

“There remain a considerable number of unanswered questions around this new levy and its administration that we will be seeking clarification on,” Cr West, who is currently chair of Centroc, said.

“Further, the NSW RFS have also announced they will be changing their methodology for fund allocation this financial year, and will now be asking for an annual contribution, based on previous year’s expenditure.

“Our District has been considerably proactive in lifting the standards of fire cover in our area over recent years.

“As a result we now will be expected to contribute significantly more and run the risk of being penalised by subsidising less proactive zones.

“The increase has been announced after Councils have already prepared and adopted budgets and no-one has anticipated the significant increases that have resulted, certainly above the CPI or the 1.8% rate pegging increase allowable,” Cr West said.

“The RFS have had uncontrolled and infinite increases in funds from councils over the last twenty years and this latest change will continue to have a dramatic financial impact on Centroc’s member Councils for years to come. We will be urging the Minister for Emergency Services to review this funding methodology,” Cr West said

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Action-packed senior matches expected

A GRADE: Cougars’ goal attack Ella Mickan gets her fingertips to the ball in last week’s game against Ramblers. Picture: Lisa Warner
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Preliminary finalA grade,United Yeelanna vCougars

THESEtwo have an interesting history, with mixed results and thefirst team to settle will more than likely come out on top.

The Cougar goal end has the constant and reliable Ella Mickan, ably backed by Amy Green who shows wisdom beyond her years.

Jess Harris and Alyssa Skinner will be up for the challenge though.

Cool under pressureUnited Yeelanna goalie Rylee Norton has had a great seasonand will be matched by the tall Makayla Siegertand agile Zoey Phelps.

The centre-court will be a physical contest with Morgan McDonald up against Kate Hancock.

United Yeelanna’sSherie Watson will also makeher presence knownagainst Cougars’Bec Monfries.

Expect an action-packed match.

A reserves,Eyre United vCougars

Cougars go inas under dogs, having lost each encounter with Eyre United this year.

Eyre United will have Deb Flavel back, running through the mid-court with association runner-up best and fairest Kristy Modra.

Eyre United goalie Melinda Baldissera and Cougars defender Belinda-Jane Moroney will be match up of the day andCougar goalie Ruby Green and Eyre United defender Bethany Adams should match up well.

It will be a fast paced game full of determination.

B grade,Tumby BayvCougars

Tumby Bay and Cougars have had close games all year. Despite finishing higher, Tumby Bay have lost twice to Cougars.

Lisa James will lead thedefence with Kimberley Agars still out with injury.

She will be up against Josie Turnbull and Amanda Puckridge who combinewell.

Latesha Jefferson could slip back into goals as she did last weekend, which will see a good tussle between her and association best and fairest Bianca Majoor.

The mid-court has a lot of different match-ups and it will be interesting to see how theteams line up.

Spectators can expect a high standard game, with plenty of defensive pressure.

​B reserves,Tumby Bay vLock

Games between these two this year have all been tough,competitive games withTumby Bay winning two out of the three.

Lock goalies Tamara Kirvan andKristy Holman have combinedwell this season, backed up by well by Cathryn Northcott and Sally Potter.

Lock goalies will be up against association best and fairest winner Mel Cave who plays a tight defensive game, and will be looking to shut down the goalies’drive.

Lock Centre Tara Jacob’s speed and agilitywill be a great match up with Tumby centre Monique Trenberth.

At the Tumby goal end Olivia Eldridge’s height and the pressure of Suvdaa Selenge in defence for Lock will be a challenge for goalie Amy Barrettbut she has been shooting beautifully.

This game could go either way.

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Three Canadians held after 95kg of cocaine found on cruise ship in Sydney: police

Part of the alleged haul of 95 kilograms of cocaine. Photo: Department of Immigration and Border ProtectionThree Canadian nationals have been arrested after 95 kilograms of cocaine were allegedly discovered on a cruise ship that docked in Sydney.
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The stash was allegedly found in locked suitcases during a search of two passenger cabins on the Sea Princess when it berthed in Sydney on Sunday morning.

The seized drugs have an estimated street value of $31 million and this is the largest drug bust of its type on board a cruise ship.

Three passengers Andre Tamine, 63, Isabelle Lagace, 28, and Melina Roberce, 22, were charged with importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug, which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The three appeared in Sydney’s Central Local Court on Monday.

They did not apply for bail and it was formally refused.

The Australian Border Force said the three were allegedly working with a “very well organised syndicate”.

“These syndicates should be on notice that the Australian Border Force is aware of all the different ways they attempt to smuggle drugs in our country and we are working with a range of international agencies to stop them,” Australian Border Force Assistant Commissioner Clive Murray said

The Sea Princess docked in Sydney on Sunday morning on the final stages of a 66-day world tour.

The ship began the cruise in Britain at the start of July and visited Canada, the United States, parts of South America, including Colombia and Peru, and Auckland before arriving in Sydney.

The Australian Federal Police said they had been working with counterparts in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Authorities have not disclosed where the three boarded the ship.

The Australian Federal Police said they were not ruling out further arrests and the investigation was ongoing.

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Amnesty honour for Canberra volunteer

Organiser: Rob Lundie (left) has been honoured with Amnesty’s prestigious June Fassina Award. Picture: SuppliedIn the 25years Rob Lundie has been working as a volunteer with Amnesty International, he’s helped to raise more than $200,000 for human-rights causes.
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While he’s helped to organise fundraising through garage sales and catering, the Canberra resident is best known for establishing the Amnesty Trivia Night.

It’s for these efforts that Mr Lundie has been honoured withAmnesty’s June Fassina Award, which contributions from volunteers.

He said he always aimed to make Ammesty’s main fundraisers more than just a trivia contest.

“I would never call it a trivia night personally, but a quiz night,” he said.

“The questions had to be of real interest. I never wanted to write a question to which someone would answer ‘who cares?’”

The June Fassina Award is presented each year to one Amnesty volunteer who has been working for more than 10 years.

Mr Lundie was one of seven people across the country to be nominated for this year’s award.

Amnesty International’s organiser in the ACT and Southern NSW, Phoebe Howe, said Mr Lundie has had a major impact on the Canberra community through his work.

“It’s the only award that recognises long-serving volunteers,” she said.

“The award is all for someone’s meritorious contribution to Amnesty and the impact those people have had.”

While Mr Lundie has stepped away from organising the annual trivia night in recent years, the volunteer will be among the several hundred in attendance for this year’s event on September 9 at The Hellenic Club in Woden.

He said the event is a chance to bring a focus to human-rights issues around the world.

“The quiz night would be some people’s chance to learn about Amnesty’s work for the first time and to see that they could make a difference for human rights,” he said.

Over his 25 years as a volunteer for the organisation, he said he’s been involved in many different campaigners, most notably Amnesty’s international campaign to free Australian journalist Peter Greste from an Egyptian prison.

“My local Amnesty group has thrown our support behind many human-rights cases,” Mr Lundie said.

“We have written letters to put international pressure on governments and we have followed cases until the individuals are free.”

Spectacular finals netball

Bostondef Wanilla Rangers 44-38 A GRADE: Wanilla’s Ellie Cooper takes a strong grab under pressure from Boston’s Emma Brewster.
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BOSTONand Wanilla contested a close match on Saturday.

Wanilla started with a full line up and Boston was without key defender Chloe Carr due to illness.

The game wasa spectator’s delight with key match ups across the court –the experience of Fowler andCrettenden, the height of Saunders andNielsen and the strength and fitness of Taylor and Horgan, and the youth and skill of Watson andCoombe.

Wanilla settled quicker withCooper and Horgan providingexcellent drive and feed.

Boston took a little longer to settle, eventually through Miller-Pickett and strong feeding from Saunders in goal attackand Fowler they fought hard and ended the quarter trailing by onegoal, 11-12.

Saunders moved back into goal shooterand Miller-Pickett went into attack.

The second quarter was played in the same tenacious fashion.

The new match up of the two talls Saunders andNielsen was hard fought.But Miller-Pickett’s athleticism and calm proved hard to match.

The attacking line up produced the goods.

The second quarter stats were still quite evenbut Boston ledat the major break, 22-19.

Playing coach Crettenden brought onfresh legs, rotating Taylor from goal defenceto wing and bringing Gutsche on.

Horgan and Taylor both blockedplay in the mid court and hadto work hard to create drive and space for their teams.

Cooper showed off her skills in wing attack and continued to assist with patient,pinpoint passing.

Holman and Watson stepped their game up.

This was met with a strong wall of defence down the opposite end where Nielsen was not giving Saunders an inch and Taylor and Gutsche battled it out against Fowler andMiller-Pickett.

Bostonfinished the quarter 33-27.

Bostonbrought in Sleep for Brewster to create some additional drive and height over the ball.

Sleep created additional drive down the court into theattacking line up.

This game was played withextreme determination, a high skill level, impressiveshooting and wonderful sportsmanship.

Best: Boston: Miller-Pickett, Taylor; Wanilla: Coombe,Cooper.

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Eels slay Dragons in stadium swansong

The Parramatta Eels’time at Pirtek Stadium has ended in a 30-18 win over the St George-Illawarra Dragons.
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Rookie fullback Bevan French scored a hat-trick for the Eels to take his season tally to 16 tries in just 12 games.

Along with five-eighth Clint Gutherson, Eels coach Brad Arthur was full of praise for his young charges.

“Him and Clint Gutherson, every time you tell them something, they make sure they go out of their way to try and improve it.”

“While they keep doing that, they’ll have a long time in the game and a long time at this club.”

The Eels were never really troubled by the Dragons, with two late tries to the visitors flattering the scoreline.

Arthur reiterated his pride in the playing group despite disappointment they wouldn’t be playing finals football.

“I know I keep saying it but there hasn’t been a lot to want to play for but they still manage to keep hanging in there and playing for each other,” Arthur said.

“We played some really good footy tonight. We built pressure on the back of our defence and it’s just unfortunate that it has to end like this.”

It was an emotional night for the Eels, honouring the lives of foundation player Mitch Wallace and Eels Hall of Fame member Ken Thornett, both passing away in the past fortnight.

The win was also the club’s swansong at Pirtek Stadium before demolition, mirroring the result of the first match at the ground when the Eels defeated the St George Dragons 36-6 on March 5 1986.

The Eels’final game of the 2016 campaign is Sunday afternoon against the New Zealand Warriors in New Zealand.

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‘They lied’: Labor’s Tony Burke slaps down government’s omnibus savings bill

Labor MP Tony Burke Photo: Alex EllinghausenOpposition frontbencher Tony Burke has rebuked the government’s approach to budget repair, accusing them of lying about the detail of the centrepiece omnibus savings bill that the Coalition challenged Labor to support.
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As Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declares reducing government debt a “massive moral challenge”, Mr Burke says the government’s attempts to win Labor’s support for more than $6 billion of savings have been “entirely deceptive” and denied Labor had previously supported all the proposals as has been claimed.

“They said there were 21 measures. It turns out there were 24. They said that all the measures were measures that we’d included in our costings. It looks like now there is at least one that wasn’t in the costings that we, in fact, previously in the Parliament voted against,” the manager of opposition business in the lower house told Sky News.

“There are other issues where we had a particular approach in a policy area where there might be a saving but there would be an investment somewhere else and they’re just wanting to take half the equation.”

Fairfax Media understands the proposal Mr Burke referred to is one ceasing social security payments for people in psychiatric confinement.

But Treasurer Scott Morrison said the measure was factored into the opposition’s forward estimates.

“The estimates for that measure were included in their deficit at the election,” he said.

“What they were trying to do is sneak the savings in there, in the election campaign, and not mention it and hoping everyone would forget about it on the other side of the election.”

Mr Burke said the opposition had only received the 600 pages of the legislation overnight – too late for Monday’s Labor caucus meeting – and rejected the claim that all of its measures were included in the party’s pre-election costings.

“So the government has been entirely deceptive with this. And if their first action is to lie to the Australian people about what was meant to be their centrepiece bill, that really tells you what the Turnbull government is going to be like,” he told ABC radio.

The Labor caucus is undergoing internal debate over various contentious measures contained in the omnibus bill, including the abolition of the energy supplement for social security recipients and the cuts to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

The energy supplement cessation was included in Labor’s costings but there is concern about the consequences of the cut, which would strip recipients of Newstart, disability payments and pensions of between $4.40 and $7.05 per week.

Some Labor figures have said Labor will vote in line with their pre-election position but senior left-winger Anthony Albanese warned on Sunday that the party should be “very cautious about voting for anything that hurts some of the most underprivileged people in our community”.

He said they should come to a position “according to Labor values”.

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Why we need to delve into hospital’s history

As Bendigo prepares for the opening of its new hospital next year, it is timely to unravel its intriguing past.
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With a proud, 160-year history, the hospital has been a cornerstone of the community.

However, historically, it has been an unusual institution.

An intriguing element of its story is a dramatic rise in the rate of surgical operations completed during the 1890s.

Performing fewer than 100 operations a year prior to 1893, the hospital’s resident and honorary surgeons suddenly increased the rate to 224 operations a year in 1895.

Many of the operations were amputations, hernia repairs, removals of hydatid cysts and tumour excisions.

Clearly the service was required. But why did the hospital suddenly increase its surgical intake in 1893 so dramatically?

The increase likely relates to an abrupt change inmedical management at the time – a long-held stance which put Bendigo’s hospital at odds with most major hospitals throughout Australia and Britain.

The norm was for large, charitable hospitals to allow their honorary doctors – that is, qualified but unpaid doctors not on staff– to control their medical facilities, including wards and operating rooms.

In contrast, for most of its life, Bendigo Hospital steadfastly refused to relinquish control to its honoraries.

For many years,the honoraries felt disrespected by the hospital’s policy.

An honorary position at a major hospital was a perk for medical practitioners – it gave them prestige and access to a rich collection of interesting cases.

Typically, they were granted authority over the wards and patients in exchange for their services.

Not so at Bendigo, where the lay committee of management gave sole authority of their wards and patients to its salaried resident surgeons.

With Bendigo’s committee holding firm to its policy, it is possible the honorary doctors of the late 19th century retaliated by boycotting surgery at the hospital, a move that would account for the low rate of surgery prior to 1893.

In 1892, under financial pressure, the hospital finally agreed to conduct an “honorary trial”which handed control to the unpaid honorary doctors.

After averaging just one operation for every 18 admissions from 1875-92, the hospital suddenly experienced a surgical boom,performing up to one operation for every three admissions during the trial years.

After six years, the hospital abruptly stripped the honoraries of their authority and refused to allow them control again for another 30 years.

The problem, it was suggested at the time, was that the honoraries were performing too much surgery.

These events say something not only about the hospital’s management, but medical practice in regional centres such as Bendigo in the 19th century.

It is only through careful investigation, based on the historical records available today, that we can solve these mysteries and shed light on a proud institution so many of Bendigo’s locals love and respect.

If you can provide historical documents that might help in this research – in particular, casebooks and correspondence from the private practices of Bendigo’s doctors during the 1890s – please [email protected]论坛

Brett Wright is a PhD candidate at La Trobe University.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.