Moratorium on foreigners ‘not racism’

The Daily Advertiser continues its series of questions and answerswith council candidates.
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Australia First lead candidate Lorraine Sharp

Australia First lead candidate Lorraine Sharp is a self-styled people’s champion who promises to represent real battlers, like her public housing neighbours.

Are you a racist?

I am not a racist, I support the preservation of Australian identity, which is nothing to do with a doctrine ofof race superiority or hatred.

My dreamis anAustralian society solely consisting of Aboriginals and people of European descent.

I’m not saying anyone that’s non-Aborignal or non-European is on a bus tomorrow but we need a moratorium on refugees before we end up with ethnic ghettos.

Are you fit to hold public office given you were convicted of intimidation just a few days ago?

I’m not guilty, nothing happened, it was a frame-up.

If Tanya Plibersek’s (deputy Labor leader) drug courier husband can hold a high-felluting job in government, why should I be banned? I never hurt anyone.

What are the biggest issues Wagga faces?

Major icedealers are coming from interstate because they’ve heard Wagga has a huge addict market.

Drugs and crime arenot directly council legislative areas, but if councillors can see families being ripped apart by drugs, they have a duty to act.

Council needs to be more involved in communities doing it so tough with the cost of living they can’t afford basics like sport for their kids.

What do you think of the current councillors?

There’s acorporate group of developers who don’t want to let go of their power and are stymieing the few with good intentions.

There’s notransparency or accountability;potholes are out of control, they’re off on overseas jaunts, wastingmoney on endless reports and junk art.

We haven’t seen or heard from your running mates from Australia First. Are they legitimate candidates?

Of course they are, everything’s been authorised and registered by the AEC.

Any one of them would make fine councillors, but there’sa security issue, Australia First is targeted by the political underworld.

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